Women in trades - create your future

Break the mould and create your career within the trade industry –  “We did”

ODS really understands that women have the talent and skills to help grow our business and to introduce fresh new ideas – even in traditionally male dominated areas.

“I love the fact that I’ve been allowed to follow my passion for Civil Engineering”

“I’ve thrived working at ODS”

We’ve got big ambition and we’re growing fast. We also know that you are our future, our next generation of talent and we want to encourage women to break the mould!

We’ll support you all the way as you create your future with ODS with in-house mentors to provide support and guidance as well as experience colleagues to guide your development.

ODS want to support applicants from all walks of life, if a full time apprenticeship doesn’t work for you or there may be barriers to you completing an apprenticeship contact us to discuss your options. Email LandD@oxfordds.co.uk or write to us at , Learning and Development Manager, Oxford Direct Services, Marsh Road, Oxford, OX4 2HH.  

Women in Trades