Top tips for simple summer pest control

Top tips for simple summer pest control

Summer is just around the corner, and our thoughts turn to barbecues, al fresco picnics, and enjoying all the outdoor activities that we love.

Unfortunately, it’s also the season in which bugs, wasps, mosquitos and other pests thrive, leading many people to start researching dreaded DIY pest control! Over the coming warmer months, rates of flies, cockroaches, wasps, fleas and mosquitoes will rise, reaching their annual high in August. When it comes to making the most of our outdoor pursuits, being bothered by these troublesome pests can put a real damper on the enjoyment of things, but don’t despair! There are a number of things you can do to put in place a first line of defence before having to instruct a pest control company:

Keep countertops clean

Keeping your kitchen clean and free of debris is a simple way of preventing an influx of bugs and pests. Make sure countertops are kept clean and food is thrown away immediately, and anything that needs to be refrigerated or put away is done so straight away. You should also ensure that recycling and bins are taken out frequently (see below for more on that). 

Protect your produce

Vegetables and fruit attract pesky flies, bees and wasps, so if you do have a fruit basket, you may want to create a trap to lure away fruit flies and other insects, or invest in a fruit bowl that comes with netting to protect your fresh produce. It is also a good idea to eat fresh fruit quickly to avoid it becoming too ripe in the bowl, as this will entice pests. 

Be smart when disposing of food 

If your rubbish contains items like leftover food, meat or bones, try to put it out as close to bin day as possible. Leaving it out in the summer heat can not only cause an unpleasant odour, but this smell can also attract pests and wildlife who are keen to investigate! You should also ensure your rubbish bags are put away in a fastened bin to make it difficult for any pests that do venture into your garden to gain access.

Watch out for water 

Stagnant water is a breeding ground for insects. Mosquitoes are most commonly found breeding in stale standing water, but fly maggots and dragonflies can also breed here. As mosquitos can transmit diseases, it is especially important to keep your home or work premises free to standing water that can accumulate. Check for blocked gutters or drains, and sweep aside puddles that may have formed after heavy rainfall.  

Use your green fingers

For many people, taking care of the garden is an enjoyable summer pastime, but it is also one that can reduce the likelihood of pests taking up residence. Performing regular maintenance can also alert you to the presence of nests or homes being built in overgrowth, enabling you to get help sooner than later to stop the infestation becoming a larger issue. 
When it comes to affordable, effective pest control, Oxford City Council is here to help. If you have a wasp nest or an ongoing problem with any other pests, we suggest you seek professional help. Oxford Direct Services provide a range of specialist pest services from wasp nest removal in Oxford to treatment for rat, mice, and bedbug problems. Contact us for further details or advice on 01865 874800.