Cowley Road Carnival - Complete Clean-Up!

Cowley Road Carnival - Complete Clean-Up!

In case you missed it, on July 1, Cowley Road turned into a bustling, vibrant Carnival. The annual Carnival celebrates the cultural and social diversity of Oxford with over 30 programmed stages spread across over a mile of roads and green space. Dancers, performers, artists and educators helped bring over 50,000 people together for the afternoon. All of us at Oxford Direct Services are proud to be apart of such an inclusive, inspiring community. We’re also proud to have cleaned up after the Carnival and to have sent waste to an incinerator to be reused for electricity.

We do everything we can to offer environmentally-friendly services and, in cleaning up after an event of this size, it’s especially important. At last year’s Carnival, we collected over THREE TONNES of waste. Can you imagine if all of that ended up in a landfill? The impact would be devastating.

Instead, our Commercial Waste & Recycling and Streetscene Cleaning Teams collected and sent rubbish leftover from the parade, food stalls, and other traders to Virador's Energy Recovery Facility at Ardley.  

We want to thank all of our dedicated staff - the ‘unsung heroes’ as the event organisers deemed them - for working during the event, afterwards and even the following day to ensure that there was no litter leftover. It’s important to us that all the people of Oxford can enjoy themselves for the afternoon and return to clean, functional streets and green spaces the following day.  

We also want to thank the organisers of the Carnival for again choosing and trusting Oxford Direct Services to responsibly collect and remove all waste leftover after this amazing, fun-filled event. We look forward to the opportunity to do the same next year.

If you want to to discuss waste management for an upcoming event, whether it be a festival, concert, or ball, get in touch with us today! We offer comprehensive waste and recycling services and will provide support before, during and after your event. For more information on our services and to find out how we reuse and recycle waste, click here.