Drive safe every winter

Drive safe every winter

Winter is a trickier time to drive due to poor weather conditions. Our Motor Transport team looks after our fleet and a number of clients'. Here are their recommendations for drving safe during the coolest season:

1. Choose your route wisely

  • ​Allow extra time to prepare your vehicle and for your journey
  • Favour major roads as they are usually gritted

2. Be prepared with:

  • Hi-viz
  • Shovel
  • Blanket and warm clothing
  • Charged mobile phone and power bank
  • Flask of hot drink (plus snacks)
  • First aid kit and any personal medications
  • Torch with spare batteries

3. Check your vehicle's:

  • Lights are working
  • Tyre pressure and treads are good
  • Wipers and washers are working
  • Oil, water and brake fluid level are sufficient

When it snows or it's icy:

  • Clean your windows, mirrors, lights and number plate but do not use hot water
  • If visibility is poor, use your headlights on full beam

Put extra care to defrost your car windows properly and avoid getting a hefty fine. Fines can also result from leaving your vehicle's engine running while stationary on a public road.

Our MT team offers servicing and MOTs to residents and a range of services to businesses.