Phase two of construction starting at Floyds Row

Phase two of construction starting at Floyds Row

Phase two of construction at 1 Floyds Row is starting this week and will see the creation of more living and office space.

Phase one comprised of demolition work across the building and the assessment and engagement hub being built in the south wing of the property.

Since the start of phase one at the beginning of September, Oxford Direct Services (ODS) concluded the creation of an open plan sleeping area to accommodate up to 16 people, office and treatment space, meeting rooms and showers on time. ODS also created a special, contained area outside of the building to welcome dogs.

Now ODS will move on to creating the right environment, which is expected to receive its first users in January 2020.

“We are really happy that works are on schedule and that we are able to start building a much needed space and a safe environment. 

“We understand the importance of this project and we have partnered up with Blackbird Leys based RAW to ensure maximum social value and environmental benefit to the community.”

Ian Batchelor ACIOB, director of construction and building services at ODS

RAW has been involved in reclaiming and recycling wood since demolition works started and will carry on doing so until the project has finished.

Once fully operational, Floyd's Row will provide assessment services and shelter for 56 people experiencing homelessness or at risk of rough sleeping. For example, phase two will include the construction of segregated, safe, accommodation spaces.

It is expected that 20 spaces will be temporary shelter of up to a week for people whose needs are being assessed, with another 20 beds reserved for people who have been assessed and are engaging with services to find suitable move on accommodation.

The remaining beds will be winterlong emergency accommodation available to anyone experiencing homelessness.