ODS continues gas safety checks

ODS continues gas safety checks

Checking gas appliances for safety is not only a legal requirement – it saves lives.

ODS, working on behalf of Oxford City Council, are continuing to carry out gas safety checks in the Council’s properties during the current pandemic conditions, in line with advice from the Health and Safety Executive and Gas Safe.

We appreciate that many will feel that this is not the current time to undertake a gas safety visit, but the Government guidelines are very clear that work must continue on safety related visits. 

Gas safety during the crisis

The Council must ensure a balance between making sure people, including those who are vulnerable, are protected from the risks arising from carbon monoxide exposure or gas explosion, while also protecting them from coronavirus.

ODS has written to the tenants of 1300 properties to explain the procedures they will be undertaking to carry out this work during the coronavirus crisis including measures to shield tenants and complete works safely.

The Council is asking anyone self-isolating or in one of the groups that are most at risk from coronavirus to let us know before the appointment date by emailing gasteam@odsgroup.co.uk or by phoning 01865 249811.

By appointment only

All gas safety checks are by appointment and operatives will call ahead before arriving, so residents can be sure that the workers they are letting into their homes are the right ODS staff.

They will also check to see if anyone in the property has coronavirus symptoms or is vulnerable and proceed according to the appropriate guidelines and taking precautions to ensure distancing between themselves and the occupiers is maintained. The operatives will enter wearing full Personal Protective Equipment and carry the test as quick as practicably possible.

After completing the work the operative will clean down the working area and any controls touched with disinfectant.

Cllr Nigel Chapman, Cabinet Member for Customer Service, said: “Current guidance from the Government states that work can still be carried out in people’s homes where necessary, including for reasons of safety, provided that guidance on social distancing is followed. Our operatives are following this advice and will ensure that these works are carried out safely.”