New energy efficient lights installed at Gloucester Green car park

New energy efficient lights installed at Gloucester Green car park

New lights have been installed at Gloucester Green Underground Car Park which aim to reduce carbon emissions.

The installation aimed to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions from poor lighting within the Gloucester Green Underground Car Park.

To help tackle this, the City Council re-designed the lighting scheme, and replaced the previous fluorescent lights with new brighter, lower energy LED lights. In total 121 new LED lights were installed by ODS electricians throughout March and April, whilst observing coronavirus safe working practices and social distancing. 

The work included identifying under-lit areas of the car park and installing additional lights to brighten these areas, whilst also ensuring the new installation saves energy and reduces carbon emissions.  With the installation of the additional lights, the lighting electricity use at the site is expected to fall by 30%.

The installation of the improved lighting provided an additional benefit of helping to reduce some anti-social behaviour within darker areas of the car park. 

It is also estimated that the lighting will reduce electricity spend by about £2,000 per year and carbon dioxide emissions by about four tonnes per year.

The work was funded by the Salix Recycling Fund, which match funds public sector organisations in investing in energy efficient technology. Last year the funding saw the installation of the one of the UK’s largest public solar car ports at Leys Pools and Leisure Centre. The savings made by the City Council in electricity bills at the site will be used to repay the zero-interest loan. 

Councillor Tom Hayes, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Green Transport and Zero Carbon Oxford, said: “Despite lockdown, I am very pleased that the City Council and ODS were able to use this time to make much needed improvements to Gloucester Green car park. This project demonstrates that investing in smart solutions such as energy efficient lighting not only helps to tackle anti-social behaviour but can also be help support our goal to tackle the climate emergency.”

Gary Preston, ODS Assistant Parking Manager said: “We are delighted that by addressing one of the possible issues allowing anti-social behaviour, we were also able to improve our energy efficiency and consequently lower our own impact on the local environment. Our hope is that the new lights will help our customers feel safer and put off potential perpetrators.”