Turning rubbish into charity cash

Turning rubbish into charity cash

ODS is turning rubbish into cash that can help animals in need.

Working in partnership with TerraCycle, ODS, Oxford City Council’s wholly-owned company, set up collection points for residents and staff to drop their crisp packets, biscuit wrappers and baby food pouches so that these items can be recycled.

These items can't be recycled in the blue bin, but TerraCycle will collect and recycle them, and the money made from this process is donated to charity. ODS has chosen The Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary. The packets, wrappers and pouches received over the last year have resulted in a donation to the charity of £450.

The collection point ODS’ Marsh Road Depot is currently closed, but collection points for the scheme can be easily located via the Terracycle web site.

There is no need to clean the packets before dropping them off as they are cleaned as part of the recycling process. Just make sure you haven’t left any crisps inside the packet.

Cllr Nigel Chapman, Cabinet Member for Customer Focused Services said: "Oxford residents can't recycle crisp packets in their blue bins, but this initiative has shown that they are they willing to recycle them rather than see them go into the general rubbish. And those who’ve made the effort to do this can take pleasure in the fact that they are also helping animals in need. I want to thank them as well as the staff at ODS who have made this scheme happen."

Iain Atkin, Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary’s Sanctuary Manager said: “The Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary admits and rehomes around 500 animals every year. At any one time, we have around 30 dogs, 60 cats and kittens, and a number of rabbits. We also care for our permanent guests; five goats and a horse called Ben. Funds raised through TerraCycle will go towards veterinary and other animal care costs, to ensure they are in the best shape possible for rehoming. My thanks go to ODS for making this happen.”

Laura Baughan, ODS’ Recycling Coordinator said: “Items like crisp packets are difficult to recycle because they are a mixed material that includes foil and plastic. So these valuable materials can be wasted because they are difficult to process. By working with TerraCycle, and through the help of residents and businesses across Oxford, we have been able to save thousands of crisp packets from waste and in the process are raising funds to help a local good cause – Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary!