Upcoming surface dressing works

Upcoming surface dressing works

ODS will be carrying out surface dressing to a number of locations across Oxford in May/June - dates to be confirmed.

Locations affected

  • Hollow Way (lower)
  • Knights Road
  • Merlin Road
  • Brambling Way
  • Kestrel Crescent
  • Peregrine Road
  • Sandy Lane
  • Oxpens Road
  • Morrell Avenue
  • Donnington Bridge
  • Weirs Lane.

What is surface dressing?

Surface dressing is a simple and cost-effective method of repairing road surfaces which lasts up to 10 years.

The procedure restores skidding resistance and seals the road surface to prevent water ingress.

Duration of works

Each site will be treated in a single day, subject to any bad weather conditions or unforeseen circumstances.

Actual dates of attendance will be informed using warning signs installed in the road prior to our arrival.

What you need to do if you live in the affected area

We kindly ask that during this time vehicles are parked on driveways, garages or on other streets unaffected, but off the carriegeway.

Warning for cyclists

We also ask cyclists to be extra cautious after works are complete. Chippings may gather in cycling lanes and the sides of the road as the final stage of compacting the chippings into the surface is completed by vehicles using the road.

Keeping each other informed

If you think the works will cause you particular problems with access and/or deliveries, or require further information then please telephone 01865 252956 or email highways@odsgroup.co.uk and we will be happy to answer any queries that you may have.

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