Upcoming road works

Upcoming road works

Locations affected


  • Waynflete Road. Estimated completion date: 21 July.

    27 July (5 weeks), traffic calming works

    • Oxford Road, Littlemore - installing new raised tables (road humps) and crossing points.

    2 August (7 days), resurfacing

    • Hayes Road.

    12 August (5 days), resurfacing

    • Windsor Crescent.

    September/October, micro asphalt

    • Wytham Street
    • Cranham Street
    • Cranham Terrace.

    Keeping each other informed

    If you think the works will cause you particular problems with access and/or deliveries, or require further information then please telephone 01865 252956 or email highways@odsgroup.co.uk and we will be happy to answer any queries that you may have.

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