Register of Current Contracts

Find out about current and new contracts with ODS.

ODS group is new kind of business, grown out of developing our service offer to businesses across Oxfordshire. The key driver for the business is to provide inclusive sustainable economy, doing good for our customers, the community and staff. 

We currently spend approx. £38m with suppliers to help us deliver our services, of which around 45% is with local suppliers and 65% is with SMEs (Small and Medium size Enterprise). We buy everything from an electrical socket to a Waste Vehicle.

We recognise the importance of having a reliable and skilled supply chain to support us as we strive to deliver high quality services. The effective selection of suppliers plays a vital role in the success of our business helping us to operate efficiently and add value to our customers.  

Our appointment of suppliers requires them to commit to our core values of paying a Living Wage to their employees, paying their suppliers promptly, carrying out its obligations to Corporate Social Responsibility, the environment, equality and Health & Safety issues.

Applying to become an ODS Group supplier

We advertise many of our contract opportunities on a portal.

New opportunities can be found on (Registration is free for suppliers and only takes a few minutes to do).

A list of our current and pending contracts can be found below.

Submitting an invoice for payment

Supplier’s invoices must include:

  • The ODS group purchase order number
  • Provide full details of the supply or service provided
  • Contain the name of the client contact

Email to:

Our standard terms and conditions for the supply of goods and services are here

For any further information please email:

ODS reception