Councils and Local Government

We work with Councils and Local Governments to do good for the community.

Local authorities face tough challenges while trying to do the right thing and deliver the best service for the communities they serve.

  • Limited budgets and time versus ever increasing demands for better services, at lower cost more quickly.
  • A time consuming tender process that doesn't always get the best service.
  • Finding good local contractors they can trust to do a good job.
  • Big corporate companies who win on price but fail to deliver a personal service.
  • Not always aware of all the changing contractual options.

There is a better alternative to working with big corporates or small independents.

LATCo's can provide a better and easier way through different working models such as Section 101 (or Highways s42) and joint ventures.

Section 101 of the Local Government Act (200) allows one council to contract services to another without need for procurement giving joint control, flexibility and quick turnaround on projects. EU Teckal arrangements allow our sole owner Oxford City Council to deliver the project through ODSL
without procurement.

ODS offers a fully managed service and acts as managing contractor. We work with trusted contractors and professional service providers. Our dedicated supply chain team manage frameworks, direct awards and mini-competitions as appropriate (dependent on requirements).

ODS has a dedicated supply chain team to ensure quality, flexibility, value for money and social value are maximised.

Our supply chain strategy is to establish robust frameworks and contracts across all core areas of spend to allow projects to be delivered quickly and efficiently.

Under Teckal contract ODSL is obliged to demonstrate Best Value to City Council.

This provides reassurances but also allows greater degree of flexibility when procuring.

Our supply chain strategy is to establish robust frameworks and contracts across all core areas of spend to allow projects to be delivered quickly and efficiently.