Resurfacing and Patch Repairs

Resurfacing roads and carrying out patch repairs is one of our most visible services, and most important.

Resurfacing and Patch Repairs


We need to ensure that we keep the roads in good condition but also keep the traffic moving as people travel in and out of the area every day.

To do this, we plan our resurfacing works carefully throughout the year – by keeping up to date with regular maintenance we improve the general life-span of the road and decrease the likelihood of more disruptive works having to occur at short notice.

Patch Repairs

Patch repairs are essential for keeping the roads safe for all users. Pot-holes are an issue most drivers and cyclists are familiar with – made worse by the increase of road-users and more extreme weather in recent years.

Patch repairs are also used for fixing other deteriorations of the road surface, including cracking. Rather than dealing with individual pot-holes or cracks one at a time, it is more effective to complete a patch repair of the wider area. This also enables us to apply a coating to the new tarmac to give it greater protection from wear and tear, and therefore prolong the time before any future repairs are needed.