New Homes

Providing affordable homes for a growing population is one of most important issues in society today.

New Homes

Creating sustainable communities that people can live and thrive in is one of ODS’s core services. To do this, we work with local authorities, existing or nearby communities, landlords, and an extensive supply chain. Our knowledge and experience of the entire process means we can provide a bespoke, yet flexible, service to deliver quality homes.

We also specialise in modular building - a modern method of construction whereby modules of the new build are manufactured elsewhere and brought onto site to complete the building.

This approach allows projects to be completed up to 50% faster than those built traditionally, and also allows us to be kinder to the community by reducing the amount of noise, dirt and pollution produced by large construction vehicles and machines.

ODS has already begun implementing MMC into its construction mix. Using the ‘Oxford model’, where the community is considered in all business decisions, of modular construction, we have largely built our zero-carbon homes off site before installation. We also recently erected sports changing facilities and a community space for a local football club using modular construction. This minimised the impact on local residents and the site itself, and kept build times to a minimum.