Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Service, Repairs and MOT

Hybrid and electric vehicles are subject to the same MOT rules as petrol or diesel cars. Once they reach 3 years of age, they must have a valid MOT to be legally on the road. And whilst under the bonnet they are very different to a standard engine, they still require regular maintenance and servicing.

Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Service, Repairs and MOT

Hybrid and electric vehicle servicing

Not every garage has the experience and equipment to properly maintain and service an electric vehicle. ODS are an LEVC approved warranty repair centre with fully-trained technicians in hybrid and EV repairs and servicing, so you can be assured of the receiving the highest quality service.

Hybrid and EVs don’t have as many parts or systems as a petrol or diesel car, which makes servicing them noticeably cheaper than a petrol or diesel car. However, despite the reduction of complex parts in an hybrid and EV, servicing is still essential – tyres, brakes and steering are all subject to the same risks and degradation as a regular car. To keep your vehicle safe and running efficiently, we recommend following the manufacturers servicing schedule. You can combine a service with an MOT at ODS  - book online

Hybrid and electric vehicle MOT tests

Hybrid and EVs have to adhere to the same MOT laws as combustion engine vehicles – if your vehicle is over three years old, it needs an MOT certificate to be road legal and for your insurance to be valid.

MOT tests for hybrid and EVs have only one main point of difference – there are no exhaust emissions to check. All the other parts of an MOT test are still applicable including tyre condition, brake wear, steering, lights and seatbelts to name a few. The purpose of the MOT test is to keep you and other road-users safe, and this is just as vital whether you drive a petrol, diesel, hybrid or electric vehicle.