Stump removals

At ODS, we can carry out the removal of stumps from trees we have removed, as well as those that have been recently discovered or have been left untouched from previous removals.

Stump removals

Why are stump removals needed?

Stumps left behind from fallen trees can cause a number of issues, aside from unpleasing aesthetics.

The stump left behind can potentially cause regrowth or root rots, and depending on its positioning can also cause a great deal of hassle and inconvenience in terms of access. An unneeded stump can take up space and pose a potential safety hazard unnecessarily, and there is also the potential for infestation, with wood-boring insects such as ants, beetles and termites being drawn to the left-behind stump.

What will we do?

  • We will carry out a site-specific appraisal to determine the best method of extraction, taking into account things like the speed and efficiency of removal, safety, along with how to minimise site damage and ensure responsible disposal.
  • We’ll conduct a scan to assess any underlying factors that could impact removal such as power lines, cables, or drainage.
  • We’ll determine the best method of extraction, and whether or not there is a need for use of chemicals.
  • We will layout plans to ensure a safe and practical removal is carried out, considering the size of the stump, accessibility, and location.
  • We’ll safely remove the stump and fill in the leftover hole to ensure safety, and safely dispose of the wood removed.

Why choose us?

We have many years of combined experience when it comes to stump removal and disposal, and as we are a local authority, we have access to plans regarding existing below-ground infrastructure. We also have the equipment and skill set to perform further testing as needed. With Oxford Direct Services, you can have every confidence that we will take care of your project with the utmost care.