Tree Pruning

Pruning, an essential part of tree maintenance, is a process during which dead branches and leaves are removed as well as some living parts to ensure the long-term overall health of the tree. The three most common tasks involve reducing the height, lifting the tree crown, and thinning the tree crown to achieve the end goal.

Tree Pruning

Why is tree pruning needed?

It could be that you need to make alterations to ensure the safety of those around the tree, or that maintenance is required to ensure the tree is structurally sound. Pruning can also be used to achieve an aesthetic effect or to improve accessibility or visibility. The development of expansion of properties, changes to infrastructure and roads, and a tree’s natural growth and life cycle can all create a need for professional pruning to take place. Pests, diseases and storm damage can also render a tree in need of care in order to prevent further issues that could lead to total removal.

What will we do?

  • We’ll factor in things such as the surrounding area and potential impact on people, buildings, and nearby natural resources, as well as cost efficiency and safety.
  • An expert will determine what needs to be carried out, which may include a combination of reduction, a crown lift, a crown clean, thinning, dead-wooding, reshaping or pollarding.
  • All debris will be removed and disposed of in an environmentally-friendly manner 

Why choose us?

A member of our dedicated agronomy team conduct a survey and site-specific inspection to determine the best course of action. When you instruct one of our experts to come and take care of your pruning, you can be sure that all our work is carried out by qualified and insured tree surgeons to British Standard 3998 and we’ll only ever carry out the work that is necessary. To find out more about our pruning, removal and other tree care services, call 01865 684988. Alternatively, email to have a member of our team get back to you.