Tree Removal

If you have uncovered a tree that is a liability or danger to your premises, you may wish to enlist professional tree removal to take care of the situation. Whether it’s one standalone tree or several that require removal, at Oxford Direct Services, we are able to carry out safe removals in a variety of different locations.

Tree Removal

Why is tree removal required?  

In cases where tree pruning will be considered inconsequential or unsafe, full removal may be required. It may also be the case that such treatment will only result in short-term results, only for the problem to eventually return. If the tree is beyond repair, in a precarious position, is obstructive or is diseased, one of our tree surgeons will be able to provide fast and professional removal services.

What will we do?

  • All our commercial operators are fully qualified, one of whom will inspect the site to determine the safest and most efficient way to remove the tree.
  • We’ll make sure that things like power lines, live tracks, roads, buildings and other areas must be avoided during the felling process.
  • The tree will be dismantled and removed in sections where necessary, or removed as a whole if possible.
  • We will ensure all waste is cleared away quickly and disposed of an an environmentally responsible manner. The remaining site will be filled in and debris will be removed to leave it in pristine, safe condition.

Why choose us?

We are able to work on projects that involve TPOs, Tree Preservation Orders, and trees located in conservation areas. Our fully insured team can help with  planned jobs as well as emergency call outs, providing a high level of service every time. To find out more about our professional tree removal services, contact Oxford Direct Services today.