Feedback of our service - You Said... We Did

As part of our customer service strategy and the insight we have gained from comments, compliments and complaints as well as the introduction of Localz (our repairs and maintenance feedback survey) our priority has been to look at our business in more detail and identify how we can improve our service to you and ultimately your customer experience.

Feedback of our service - You Said... We Did

Our Purpose

Fix your repair
At your convenience
In one visit
No more issues

Our Focus

Improving communication
Booking follow-on’s whilst on site
Keeping customers updated on outstanding jobs
Improving management of multiple repairs per property
Increasing customer feedback
Managing complaints quicker
Improving recording

We have collated your feedback and tried to theme the key messages you have shared with us and the actions we have taken to improve our service delivery.

Localz Feedback

Localz gives us the opportunity to gain informative feedback on where our strengths are plus where we could have done better to improve our service.

In February we received 496 responses from residents (see graphs below) , relating to the two key satisfaction measures (analysed annually by the STAR Survey); quality/service of repair carried out today and the time taken to fix the repair.

The stats below clearly demonstrate that you are telling us that we are do well on this.

We also continue to hold an NPS score of 83  - a world-class rating!  

Next Steps

Going forward we plan to update this page each month with the key performance graphs and each quarter (April, July, October, December) we will provide a further report on You Said We Did.

December 2023 update: 

We are currently undertaking customer service workshops with all of our operational staff to focus on service deliverly and improving communications, which will also increase promoting use of chat on Localz.