Property Maintenance and Repair Guidance

We work on behalf of Oxford City Council to carry out council tenant repair work. To log a repair, please contact Oxford City Council:

01865 249811;

Property Maintenance and Repair Guidance

Working in partnership with Oxford City Council's Tenant Involvement Team and Tenant Ambassadors, we've created a Tenant's Repair and Service Maintenance Handbook which provides information on tenant property maintenance. 

We have created some repair videos to show tenants how to complete simple repair job that they can do themselves. This will help to save tenants' time on waiting at home for a callout. Check out our repair videos in the links below.

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Brenda, tenant ambassador, introduces us to the tenant repair videos, and how these can be useful.

Brian tell us how to isolate and turn off water from home appliances.

Brian tell us how to find and isolate an electrical power fault at home.

Brian tell us how to isolate and switch off a value for a single appliance.

Brian tells us where to find a meter at home, and how to reset this.

Brian tell us how to remove a blockage from a sink.


Let us know what you think of our videos. If you would like us to make videos on any specific issues, please let us know by completing the form.