Why choose ODS?

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Zero to landfill
Reducing carbon footprint
2 person crew for safety
Reinvesting in Oxford
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At ODS we provide a complete recycling and waste collection service. We can put together a tailored service to help businesses reduce overall waste output. This will reduce costs and be beneficial for the local environment.

Helping businesses reduce their waste and improve their recycling forms part of our commitment to build a better company. We pride ourselves on how we’ve helped our new and existing customers save money through improved and tailored recycling and waste services.

Being the only waste service provider within Oxford's Ring Road, we have made strides towards helping Oxford becoming a more sustainable city.  We have improved our own carbon footprint through utilising greener technologies and use local processing plants where possible.

Which recycling and waste service do I need?

From wheeled bins to skips, RoRos and compactors, we can provide the correct service to improve the way you dispose of your recycling and waste. Depending on location, whether Oxford or wider Oxfordshire, ODS Group operates between 6am to 9pm, Monday to Saturday.

If you are unsure which service you require, our expert team can advise you on what container and service would suit your requirements by providing a Get a FREE commercial waste consultation. Call us on 01865 335 400 or fill in the enquiry form below.

Get a free commercial waste consultation

ODS business and commercial waste services

Specialist waste

Specialist waste

  • Special containers
  • Fully compliant and transparent
  • All legal requirements taken care of

Get a free commercial waste consultation

Our professional and experienced team can visit businesses to review your recycling and waste and advise on how you could increase recycling, reduce waste and how we can tailor a service for you.

Why choose ODS's waste management services?

ODS's experience of managing recycling and waste for a vast and varied amount of businesses means we can offer flexible and affordable services to fit requirements no matter the size of your business.

From a wider perspective, we’re building a better business for Oxford, employing local people and supporting local businesses. We’re also working hard to reduce our carbon footprint by converting our fleet of vehicles to low carbon or zero carbon engines. 

Legal requirements

ODS Business Waste works within Section 46 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and Controlled Waste Regulations 1992, providing businesses with peace of mind. As a chosen business waste carrier, we will inform you of any changes in legislation to ensure your legal compliance.

Doing good for our clients

I have received great services from Commercial Waste Contract management.

Polish Kitchen

The team came up with a solution that benefited not only the College but also the nearby residents.

St Cross College