Bulky & Other Waste Collections

At Oxford Direct Services, we can provide assistance when it comes to the guidelines for the safe and compliant disposal of excess recycling and waste.

If you’re moving home, you may find yourself faced with large items you no longer need or don’t want to move, but don’t have the means of disposal yourself. We offer a number of different services to assist local residents with the responsible, compliant removal of excess waste as well as junk and bulk items.

Bulky & Other Waste Collections

Collection arrangements

We can carry out pick-ups provided the contents are already outside ready for collection, are clearly visible, and are easily accessible with no restrictions or hazards. Please note we cannot collect items from inside a property. 

Additional information

Whether you’re upsizing, downsizing or moving home, ridding your space of bulky oversized items is simple. 

In addition, we can also remove large garden items and any miscellaneous junk from outdoor areas as part of our comprehensive service. if you have excess waste and recycling that needs to be removed, Oxford Direct Services can help. Our team is here to provide advice and support to local Oxford businesses and residents so you can ensure your waste will be collected and not left due to reasons of non-compliance. To find out more about how our experts can help, contact us on 01865 335400, or email us at directservices@oxford.gov.uk to speak to a member of our friendly team today. 

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