FEL Service

ODS extends its service portfolio with the introduction of Front End Loader (FEL) commercial bins.

The service is initially launching with 8yrd (6.1m3), 4000l receptacles for general waste, mixed recycling, and cardboard waste streams.

For organisations with the space and access to accommodate them, the use of FELs can provide significant advantages:

Reduce Costs

With a much larger capacity than wheeled bins, fewer pick-ups are required. This can substantially lower monthly costs. With a depot located in central Oxford, ODS prioritise local customers - providing highly competitive pricing and a fast, reliable service.

Reduce Carbon Emissions

Fewer pick-ups means fewer trips to and from your premises and therefore lower carbon emissions.

Reduce Footprint

A single FEL has a smaller footprint than the equivalent number of wheelie bins. A move to FEL can recover space in a yard or car park.

Reduce Risk of Vermin

FELs are generally considered to be a more secure option. The lid can be securely fastened and with a steel body, it is impenetrable it to mice, rats and foxes.

To see if a Front End Loader service may be suitable for your business, use our Suitability Calculator tool below.

FEL Truck
FEL Bin - Mixed Recycling