Food Waste Recycling

With food waste recycling, certain foods can be used to make organic compost. Affordable, responsible and convenient for businesses, food waste recycling is available to clients across Oxford.

Food Waste Recycling

For restaurants, catering companies, and others producing animal by-product waste,  food waste recycling is mandated by law. Our services can help you stay compliant whilst helping you to save money as you dispose of food waste in an environmentally responsible manner.

What types of bin do you need for food waste recycling?

We provide 120L bins to dispose of food waste, or food sacks if you have no space for a bin. You can use plastic bags to line the bins if you wish, but it is not necessary as waste can go in directly without it affecting collection.

Need more information?

Please note that should you require us to provide food waste recycling sacks, there is a three day lead time on all deliveries.

For more information regarding food waste recycling in Oxford, please email, or phone us on 01865 684988.

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