Mixed Recycling

Our mixed recycling service is designed to let businesses throughout Oxford safely and easily recycle dry mixed materials.

Products that are free from contaminants can be sent for recycling in a way that’s cost-efficient, fast, and convenient for businesses of all sizes. At Oxford Direct Services, we offer collection six days a week, and we can also provide the appropriate bins and recycling sacks to make it easy for your organisation to begin responsible mixed recycling.

Mixed Recycling

What types of bins do you need for mixed recycling?

Mixed recycling bins are available in the following sizes:

  • 240 L (holds 3 sacks)
  • 360 L (holds 5 sacks)
  • 820 L (holds 13 sacks)
  • 1100 L (holds 17 sacks)

Need more information?

At Oxford Direct Services, we are more than happy to assist with your mixed recycling needs and answer any questions you may have. For more information, contact us via email on directservices@oxford.gov.uk, or call 01865 684988.

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