Why choose us?

By using ODS for your recycling and waste collection services, you’re not only choosing an environmentally conscious waste management business but also investing in Oxford and the people who live there. Like a social enterprise, our profits support a wider purpose; reinvestment in public services.

Why choose us?

0% to landfillReducing carbon footprintFully licencedReinvesting in OxfordA doing good companyJobs creation in OxfordBin washing facility2 person crew for safety

ODS are here to build a new kind of business that creates a more inclusive and sustainable economy that balances purpose and profit; one that considers the impact of decisions on employees, customers, suppliers, community and the environment. We call it ‘doing good’.

Our Mission

“Doing good business that’s good for everyone.”

How we can improve your recycling and waste management

With many years managing the waste and recycling collections of Oxford’s residents and thousands of businesses in the city, ODS can offer a complete one-stop shop for both public and private sector businesses.

From food recycling, hazardous waste and RoRo’s and skips to large scale event management, we have the resources, skills and, most importantly, necessary experience, to create a waste collection and disposal solution for all business types, small to large.

Ways we can improve waste management for your business include:

  • Reduce your waste and increase recycling
  • Account management
  • High quality, reliable service
  • Flexible hours to suit
  • Save money through improved waste management
  • Investment in tech and innovation
    • new client portal to manage your account
    • in cab technology for improved route planning and administration
    • on board bin weighing for improved billing accuracy 

Improving how you collect and dispose of rubbish can lead to significant ongoing reduction in costs as you reduce waste and increase recycling. In turn, this helps you to achieve company recycling targets more easily.

Zero to landfill

Our aim is to recycle as much as we can but this isn’t always possible. However, the good news is that it doesn’t mean we have to send whatever is left to landfill.

Anything that can’t be recycled, known as ‘General Waste’ or ‘Residual Waste’, is sent to a nearby ‘Energy Recovery Facility’ where it will be converted into heat energy that is fed back into the National Grid.

Safety of a two person crew

Safety of our crew is paramount so all our teams have a minimum of two people working at any one time. This is to keep an eye out for each other, our customers and residents to prevent accidents and injury.

Many of our competitors only use one member of staff to keep their costs down but we feel the welfare of our team and the public is more important.

Reducing carbon footprint

Part of our commitment to building a more sustainable company is to find ways to reduce our carbon footprint. Our large, local infrastructure means our vehicles only need to travel a short distance to collect your waste.

Wherever possible, we use local facilities to manage waste including facilities in Ardley, near Bicester, and Cassington.

We’re also investing in new technology to reduce vehicle and property emissions.

So far we’ve:

  • Reduced HGV emissions by 6.7 tonne CO2
  • Reduced an average of 40kg CO2 emissions per year from 464 council properties.

By 2023, we plan over 25% of our fleet to be zero or reduced emission capable. To help us get there, we have taken part in the Energy Superhub Oxford project and were able to part fund 41 electric vehicles:

  • 1 e-RCV
  • 1 Electric Sub Compact Sweeper
  • 1 Electric JCB excavator
  • 11 Electric Cars
  • 2 Electric Tippers
  • 25 Electric Vans

Reinvesting in Oxfordshire

ODS Group is committed to building a business to be part of Oxford’s future as a sustainable city. This isn’t just about improving our environmental credentials. It’s also about investing in the city by using local suppliers and business, employing local people and putting revenue back into the local economy. Here at ODS, the profit we generate is reinvested back in to Oxford via the council where it can be spent on improving service and facilities for the community.

As of 2019,

  • We spent £26.4 million with UK suppliers; 56% from Oxford and 18% from Oxfordshire.

Job creation in Oxford

We have over 600 staff doing thousands of daily jobs to keep Oxford running. With a large, skilled workforce and a huge degree of know-how, we have helped support many businesses by offering them our services and expertise.

As of 2019,

  • we employed over 600 people; 51% from Oxford and 44% from the rest of Oxfordshire
  • supported the employment of 1,251; 1053 in Oxford and 96 in the rest of Oxfordshire
  • invested in staff training and development with nearly 3,000 training courses completed.

Fullly licensed service

We are a memeber LARAC (The Local Authority Recycling Advisory Committee) and CIWM (Chartered Institution of Wastes Management). We are a fully licensed service so you can be assured we will dispose of your waste responsibly and, above all, legally.

  • Fully licensed to dispose of waste
  • Waste transfer note.

Doing good for the future

We are investing in better systems, training and development. This, as part of a range of measures, will improve our efficiency, which means we can plough more money back into public services. With more capacity from the same resources, we can lower our cost base and build our commercial arm.

Want to know more?

If you would like to know more about how ODS could potentially help you improve your recycling and reduce your waste, call us on 01865 335 400 or fill in the form below.  We can discuss your requirements and give you a quote. Our team can also come out and give you a FREE business waste audit to help you decide what service would work best.

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