Catering sector recycling and waste management

ODS manages many catering businesses and restaurants’ recycling and waste collections across Oxford, collecting 6 tonnes of food a day. We can supply your business the appropriate bins, containers or sacks for all types of rubbish, including mixed recycling, glass, and food.

Catering sector recycling and waste management

Our flexible collections run Monday to Saturday, 6am to 9pm, dependent on location.

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Why choose us?

We want to help you become a better business by reducing your waste and improving your environmental sustainability. By partnering with ODS you’re supporting your community and helping to make your part of the world a great place to live, work and visit.

This is because our profits are reinvested back in the community through the council. We support local businesses through our supply chain, employ local people, use local recycling facilities wherever possible and we are transforming our fleet to electric to reduce our carbon emissions.