Food waste

ODS offers an affordable food waste collection service across Oxford for restaurants, catering companies, and other businesses producing animal by-product waste, which have to recycle food waste by law.

Collections take place from Monday to Saturday, 6am to 9pm dependent on your location. We can supply a range of containers dependent on your requirements:

  • Wheeled Bin (200 Litre)
  • Sacks (80 litre)
  • Caddy (23 Litre).

What happens to your food waste?

We collect 6 tonnes of food waste a day across the city. 100% of this waste is taken to a local Anareobic Digestion (AD) facility to be processed. 

The food waste and other organic materials are broken down by micro-organisms using a series of biodomes to produce biogas and liquid fertiliser. The gas is used to generate up to 2.1 MWe energy for the National Grid, and the fertiliser covers up to 137m3 per day of local farmland.

If youre unsure which service you require, our expert team can advise you on what container and service would suit your requirements by providing a FREE business waste audit. Call us on 01865 335 400 or fill in the enquiry form below.

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