Local government and public sector recycling and waste collection

ODS has been collecting residential waste on behalf of Oxford City Council for many years. With all this experience, we understand the challenges of residential waste collections in a busy urban environment.

Local government and public sector recycling and waste collection

We provide a full range of recycling and waste collections services from mixed recycling, general and food waste through to bulky item removal and garden waste. We also have a consultancy and management service to help your organisation improve your recycling rates and reduce waste output. This will help your carbon emission targets and potentially reduce costs too.

We’re proud that Oxford is one of the best performing local urban authorities as seen through Waste Data Flow, with a recycling rate, year to date for 19/20 of 52.10%.

Our collections run six days a week, Monday to Saturday, 6am to 9pm, dependent on location.  We aim to help your organisation recycle at much as possible and endeavour to keep things local with zero ending up in landfill. Any waste that can’t be recycled will be taken to the nearest appropriate facility to be disposed of and turned into a renewable resource such as heat energy.

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Why choose us?

We want to help you become a better business by reducing your waste and improving your environmental sustainability. By partnering with ODS you’re supporting your community and helping to make your part of the world a great place to live, work and visit.

This is because our profits are reinvested back in the community through the council. We support local businesses through our supply chain, employ local people, use local recycling facilities wherever possible and we are transforming our fleet to electric to reduce our carbon emissions.