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About ODS

Customer research reveals that 92% of businesses say that ODS is a facilities management company they know they can rely on.

Whilst we have existed for many years, born out of the need to maintain Oxford City Council's housing stock, parks and streets, we are continually evolving in pursuit of building a better business for everyone. Today, we're proud of our successful track record of nurturing valued, long-term relationships with our customers and suppliers right across the county and beyond.

Delivering cost-effective commercial and public services

ODS was formally established in 2012 to serve its local community's needs and provide commercial services where capable.

We are now made up of two companies that work together to deliver cost-effective public and commercial services.

Of course, just like any other business, we aim to make a profit. But, what makes ODS different, is that the more profit we make, the more we give back to the community.

ODS creates social value

We give back to local residents through the services we deliver and through the commercial services we provide to businesses, institutions, and other local authorities. In recent years, we have generated millions of pounds for community projects throughout Oxford. And, as we continue to thrive in the region, more and more local communities, social enterprises, and businesses will benefit.

Right across our workforce. there's a shared understanding that the more successful ODS becomes, the more benefits our team and their families will see in their local communities.

Here at ODS, we are proud to be building a better kind of business.

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