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Barton Neighbourhood Centre

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Client: Oxford City Council

Project: Refurbishing old neighbourhood centre

Department: Building Services

Date of completion: April 2019

Budget: £940,000


Oxford City Council is the local district authority. Barton Neighbourhood Centre is located in one of the city’s great estates and is managed by Barton Community Association.


The refurbished Barton Neighbourhood Centre aims to compliment the Barton new housing development, which has been designed to embed health and wellbeing into the fabric of the community.


A significant increase in size to the GP surgery; an improved entrance foyer area to create a brighter and more welcoming entrance to the centre; refurbishment of the sports hall; refurbishment of the toilets, upstairs and downstairs; new, energy efficient lighting throughout the centre; additional car parking for GP surgery.


A health and community hub.


“It’s a positive experience for Barton. It’s an area of deprivation but I like to see the positive side of Barton - It’s changing for the better.  It’s important to see change come out of it and there’s been a huge difference to how it was 10 years ago.” - Sue Holden, secretary of the Barton Community Association.