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Bruce's volunteering efforts with the RAF Explorer Scouts


As part of ODS’ commitment to "doing good", we actively encourage our staff to engage in community volunteering through our Volunteering Bank. This programme allows employees to take time off to make a positive impact in our local community. In this case study, we celebrate the remarkable contributions of Bruce, our Major Projects Manager, who recently dedicated his time to volunteer with a Scout group.


The RAF Explorer Scouts face constant challenges due to their families' military postings. These Scouts often grapple with adapting to new environments, schools, and homes, which can be particularly stressful during crucial academic periods like GCSEs and A-levels.


During a recent half-term break, Bruce took the initiative to organise an unforgettable adventure for his Scout group in the Peak District. Thanks to our Volunteering Bank, Bruce extended their camping trip by an extra day, enabling them to partake in even more exciting activities. He provides these young adults with a supportive community, valuable life skills, and a sense of stability. The adventure included:

Climbing Kinder Scout: Bruce and the Scouts ventured on a challenging hike up Kinder Scout, providing them with a sense of achievement.

Mastering Low Visibility and Navigation: They honed their navigation skills in low visibility conditions, ultimately locating a WW2 crash site, fostering teamwork and problem-solving abilities.

Exploring Derwent Reservoir: The group visited Derwent Reservoir, where they had the opportunity to see the iconic Dambusters Memorial, learning about history and paying tribute to those who served.


Bruce's involvement with the RAF Explorer Scouts has had a profound impact on both the Scouts and the broader community:

Personal Growth: The Scouts have demonstrated increased self-confidence, improved leadership skills, and a greater sense of responsibility. They have learned to adapt to change and develop resilience, which will serve them well in their future endeavours.

Academic Performance: Despite the challenges they face, many Scouts have shown improvements in their academic performance, thanks to the stability and support provided by Bruce and the Scouts group.

Community Engagement: Bruce's dedication has not only benefited the Scouts but has also fostered a sense of community within our organisation. His story has inspired other employees to get involved in volunteering activities, amplifying the positive impact we can make in our local community.

Bruce's commitment to the RAF Explorer Scouts exemplifies the power of volunteering and community involvement. His efforts have not only enriched the lives of the young adults he mentors but have also inspired a culture of giving back within our company.