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Churchill Hospital Line Marking

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Client: Oxford University Hospitals NHS

Project: Carpark 4 Churchill Hospital

Department: Highways & Engineering

Date of completion: April 2020

Budget: £5,700 + VAT


Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is an English teaching hospital and part of the Shelford Group. It is one of the UK's largest teaching hospitals and one of the largest hospitals in Europe.


The Hospital Trust had a need to utilise Carpark 4 at the Churchill Hospital for more disabled bays and all ambulance and security bays to be altogether in one location of the carpark.


We were able to help burn off existing lines and help create a lot more space for disabled, ambulance and security bays, as well as relining all existing bays, and placing new speed limit signs and various cross hatching at the required locations. Due to our diverse services, we were also able to send in our J600 sweeper to sweep the entire carpark after we had burnt all the lines to enable us to start straight away the following day to reline on a clean surface, and keep within the 4 day deadline the Hospital needed us to.

We worked around an abandoned parked car the hospital could not trace the owners of and came back the following day once the car had moved to infill the areas that were missed and made good a few areas where the surface wasn’t so great. We also helped with the signage and traffic management whilst works were underway.


We worked with the Trust to carry out the works during Covid19 when the carpark was a lot quieter, this enabled the project to flow without any interruptions. Social distancing was followed and the carpark was completed in a timely manner.