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Council property disability adaptions

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Client: Oxford City Council

Project: Property adaptions for a disabled tenant

Department: Disabled Adaptions Team

Date of completion: 25/05/22


The Disabled Adaptions Team carried out alteration work at an Oxford City Council property on behalf of a disabled resident to adjust the property to the resident’s personal needs. The team widened doorways, installed a new front and back door and built in ramps to enable wheelchair access to and around the property. A level shower and a new kitchen were installed to make everyday tasks easier, such as cooking and cleaning, helping the resident become self-sufficient. Jason Farnell, Steve Swatton (Codger), Kelson Simmons, Matt Simms and Paul Glanville from the Disabled Adaptions Team, and various external companies, played a key role in this refurbishment work.


ODS is wholly-owned by Oxford City Council and delivers many of the Council’s services on their behalf, including building maintenance. This enables ODS to carry out a variety of services with income being put back into Oxford City Council.


Adaptions to the whole property, to help make the resident’s life easier, was a lengthy process. The team needed to ensure that the adaptions suited the resident’s specific needs, to ensure that the resident could safely and comfortably carry out everyday tasks.


The team worked with the resident and external contractors to ensure that the work carried out would be suitable for the resident’s specific requirements. For example, by making doorways large enough to fit their wheelchair through.


Feedback from resident:

“I am writing to thank you so very much for the work you have undertaken on my home. It has made it so much easier for me to manage and I am incredibly grateful to you. The alterations have given me more independence and returned some normality to everyday tasks.”

“I always think that people can be quick to criticise and complain, but slow to give credit where credit is due, so I really want you to know how much your team are appreciated and the huge difference you are making to people’s lives.”