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Fitzwaryn School car park works

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Client: Fitzwaryn School

Project: Carpark extension

Department: Highways and Engineering

Date of completion: July 2020

Budget: £18,000


Fitzwaryn School is a special school for children aged 3 – 19, situated in Wantage. The school needed some areas patched and a new car parking space designed and created.


We were the best value for money through a tender process. Due to our one-stop-shop character, we could provide all of the services needed including excavation, levels, drainage, surfacing and lining. We had previously provided other services to the school and built a good working relationship with them.


We designed and created new parking in existent grass area in their yard. This large area of grass had to be excavated and we had to work to various levels to sort out the drainage of surface water. Some areas were too small to get mechanical aids in.


We manually handled some of the work where, in some cases, vehicle were too big to be used. We delivered four new bus size parking bays, lining of the entire car park, and a number of tarmac patched areas within the school grounds.


"Tracey and Andy were very helpful when they visited site to help us get the best solution and maximum parking space. The guys that did the work were very good, organised and completed the work within the time frame. The line makers were also very accommodating and helpful. We always find ODS very professional and easy to have on site in our school for pupils with special education needs."

- Mike Charlton