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Lining roads at night

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Project: Thermoplastic lining St Giles’ and Church Cowley Road following resurfacing

Department: Highways and Engineering

Date of completion: May 2020


  • Every year ODS undertakes a programme of planned highway resurfacing works, this maintenance work includes replacing thermoplastic lines. Following resurfacing of St Giles’ and Church Cowley Road, the team were required to line the roads.


  • ODS is a one-stop-shop which reduces the client’s time procuring different suppliers for a project. This also provides the customer with only one account manager to deal with. The H&E team has a proven track record for being highly experienced and skilled in this area, too.


  • The weather was very hot in summer 2020 which makes it difficult to paint thermoplastic lines onto hot tarmac whilst maintaining a high quality of work. We also had to adjust our working plans due to COVID-19 safety guidelines, and maintaining social distancing for our workers and the public.


  • Our lining team amended their programme to enable night working, the benefits of this were two fold; cooler night-time temperatures lent itself much better to our lining operation, and working during the night meant that streets were clear of pedestrians leaving plenty of space to undertake the work safely.