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ManKind Project UK & Ireland (MKP UK&I)


MKP UK&I is a branch of a US-based charity that empowers men to connect with their emotions and challenge traditional ideas of masculinity. They achieve this through workshops and retreats that provide a safe space for men to explore these themes, connect with each other, and develop the skills to lead their own support groups.

This case study focuses on José, a Plumbing and Gas apprentice, who utilised ODS’ Volunteering Bank to support MKP UK&I.


MKP UK&I face challenges in securing volunteers with the necessary skills and time commitment to create a safe space for men to explore emotions and challenge traditional masculinity.

Additionally, José has his personal challenges in organisation due to his ADHD.


The ODS Volunteering Bank emerged as a solution to address the need for support. Despite facing personal organisational challenges, José's contribution helped create a safe space for men to explore their emotions and challenge traditional masculinity. In fact, José developed his leadership skills by coordinating a team for a weekend event, demonstrating the programme's potential to empower participants.


This partnership led to positive outcomes for both MKP UK&I and José. José's behind-the-scenes work, facilitated by the Volunteering Bank, ensured a smooth event, contributing to a safe space where men could focus on self-improvement. Volunteering also pushed José outside his comfort zone, helping him develop his organisational skills within a supportive environment.


José says, "So many boys and men grow up being taught to repress and hide any emotional vulnerability, even from their closest friends and from themselves. That's a huge burden to carry and it's a beautiful thing to see a man realise that he can share what he's afraid of, what he's sad or ashamed about, and be accepted through MKP UK&I”.