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Pete's dedication to Children in Need


Pete Mokris, our Estates Supervisor, also works on the front line with Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue, serving as a firefighter. However, Pete's commitment to making a difference goes beyond his professional roles. He recently utilised our Volunteering Bank, which offers our staff time off undertake local volunteering, to raise money for Children in Need.


From 7am until 9:30pm, Pete and his dedicated colleagues from Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue hit the streets of Woodstock. They embarked on a mission to raise as much as possible within the limited timeframe while engaging with a diverse range of people in the community.


Pete and his team spread out across Woodstock, visiting local pubs, schools, and even iconic landmarks like Marlborough and Blenheim Palace. Their unwavering dedication were evident as they tirelessly collected donations throughout the day. Pete's commitment for making a positive impact on the lives of those in need served as the driving force behind this.


Nick Mason, Watch Manager for Woodstock Fire Station, shared his praise for Pete and his colleagues' remarkable efforts. He expressed his gratitude to Pete's line manager for allowing him to take part in the Children in Need collection. The results were truly exceptional:

"Oxfordshire Fire & Rescue collectively raised £25,547.39, with Woodstock Fire Station contributing a staggering £8,027.10! This is nothing short of incredible!"

The funds raised will go a long way in changing the lives of children and young people facing disadvantages across the UK. The significant contribution made by Pete and his team will have a lasting impact, bringing opportunities to countless young lives.

Pete's dedication to creating a positive impact, both within our organisation and in the wider community, embodies our core value of “doing good”.