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Recycling education going digital

Client: Soroptimist International Oxford and District

Project: Recycling Presentation

Department: Recycling and Waste

Date of completion: 16/09/20

Budget: N/A


A recycling presentation was requested to update a local group of residents who meet to improve the status of women and girls internationally through education. They wanted education on the latest information around recycling and reducing waste.


The group understands we provide recycling and waste services for Oxford City Council, including education for businesses and community and wanted the members to expand their knowledge.


Oxford has a transient population, with a mixed demographic which requires a continuous relay of information to remind or inform for the first time its residents with the most up-to-date information how waste and recycling works locally. Due to Covid-19, we can’t deliver presentations in person as we usually do and so we had to find an alternative way to deliver this service.


We went digital and held a recycling presentation via Zoom. This new, tested approach will enable us to continue our work across the board.


Soroptimist International Oxford and District comments:

  • I thought the presentation worked well on Zoom and enjoyed the meeting.

  • Thank you for organising this Zoom talk. I thought it was very informative and very well delivered by Laura. So much so that I have recommended it to our WI Committee. Thank you very much Laura.

  • I thought that the presentation was useful. The slides were clear. It is useful to get some recycling tips i.e. leave caps on bottles, crisp packets can be recycled at some depots. It will make us more aware of what we can do and sometimes what we buy and choose the more easily recycled option.  You were easy to listen to.  The presentation was the right length.