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Recycling Workshop

Client: Iffley Academy

Project: Recycling workshop

Department: Recycling Team

Date of completion: 10/12/19


A community special academy for children and young people up to the age of 18 with complex special educational needs and disabilities. The Recycling Team hosted a recycling workshop consisting of a presentation and games to engage the Public Service BTEC Students with recycling and waste. A workshop was requested to help the students learn more about recycling and waste in Oxford, and to learn more about what our recycling and waste collection crew do, to increase the students’ knowledge.

Why ODS?

The school had heard from other schools about the useful and engaging recycling and waste visits offered by ODS’ Recycling Team and so got in touch to request a visit for themselves. The team has vast and first-hand recycling and waste knowledge and many years of experience working in schools. They have worked with a range of ages and abilities and are all fully DBS checked, aiming to support the local community.


The students had special educational needs and disabilities that the team were able to cater to from training and prior experience. The students did not want to be treated any differently, and so the team hosted a standard workshop with aged related games to ensure that the students were engaged with the session.


The students gained a greater knowledge of recycling in Oxford and information on the wider impacts on the environment from this, and what they can do locally to help – to reduce and reuse waste. Both the teacher and students enjoyed the session, showcased through their positive feedback, and the students took time to create an upcycled card to show their thanks! Students we also able to recall information they had learnt during the session during a Q&A session at the end of the workshop.

Students - Thanks for coming in to talk about your job. We enjoyed and learnt a lot.

Staff – Two members of your team came to give an excellent presentation for the Public Service BTEC Students at Iffley Academy.  The students loved it, and made this card (see right).