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Riverside Court Resurfacing

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Client: Oxford City Council

Project: Riverside Court

Department: Landscaping

Date of completion: September 2020

Budget: £50k


Our client required the area to be modernised by:

  • removing all old redundant iron work

  • removing moss and weeds from paving areas and garden areas

  • creating clear site lines with low maintenance gardens around the buildings

  • keeping the community feel with a new communal area for residents to grow their own plants

  • creating access paths and decretive trellis art with open brick work.


Our team was chosen because of the high standard of work done for the client previously which was met with satisfaction. The client knew that we would go out of our way to meet with the residents’ committee and discuss what was possible within their budget. This took the pressure off the client and allowed our expertise to advise both client and customer and demonstrate best value for money.


  • There was excessive drug paraphernalia within all the shrub beds and gardens. This was all removed by our trained staff and disposed of through our in-house chemical waste programme.

  • Electricity cables attached to iron work and protruded from areas in the ground that were dangerous. These were made safe with our in-house electrical engineers within 24 hours.


ODS successfully created a new agreed, modern outside area within the clients; budget and time frame.