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Two-storey residential extension

Client: Oxford City Council

Project: two-storey residential extension

Department: Major Projects

Date of completion: 5 March – 15 June 2020

Budget: 141,000


The client wanted to make more space for a family of tenants that had grown in number. To solve this issue they commissioned a two-storey extension to accommodate three bedrooms, one shower room and one bathroom.


ODS has been working extensively with the client and has established a good relationship and a system that works. Knowing what the client is looking for and the standards of quality, allows ODS to do the job right first time round.


Due to Covid-19 building works had to be halted to allow for risk assessments on site to be reviewed and for new guidelines from government and ODS to be issued. In the meantime, availability of materials also became scarce.


The work was completed within timeframe thanks to ODS’ speedy response to an unprecedented circumstance. Due to ODS’ extensive good local relations, materials were successfully sourced and new guidelines put in place.


“This has been a well-managed project, completed to programme with a very good quality of work.” Gary Long, Senior Capital Projects Surveyor, Oxford City Council