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Village Hall Extension

Client: Weston Turville Parish Council

Project: Extension to Village Hall to provide a meeting room, office, kitchen and changing rooms with shower facilities

Department: Major Projects

Date of completion: February 2020

Budget: £208,000


The Parish Council is responsible for the interests of the community of Weston Turville, Buckinghamshire.


Extension of the existing Parish Council Community Centre to provide sports changing rooms, clerk offices and meeting spaces. This involved converting the existing changing room into a meeting room, office, disabled toilet and kitchen, as well as building an extension to the existing building to provide changing rooms with shower and toilet facilities.


ODS staff could draw on their experience to pre-empt issues such as the need to make the shower drainage bigger to accommodate the new showers and increased water flow. According to the original plans, water flow would be 180 litres a minute rather than 60 litres a minute, and ODS could see that the existing drainage wouldn’t cope with the volume of water, but nothing had been planned to deal with it. ODS just changed the drainage and in this way prevented any problems arising.


  • New extension provided a separate entity housing, a home changing room, away changing room and referee changing room with pressurised showers

  • Original changing room was converted to a meeting room, office and kitchen with entrance foyer and disabled toilet

  • Removal of asbestos

  • Emergency door installed in the new meeting room

  • New double glazed doors and windows installed meeting latest regulations

  • New boiler installed

  • Fire alarm system upgraded and low energy lighting fitted throughout.