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Driver shortage affecting kerbside collections

Along with other local authorities throughout the country, ODS is experiencing driver shortages due to Covid-19 cases, requiring some staff to self-isolate.  Currently, some mixed recycling, bin deliveries and garden waste collection services are affected. This means that some of these collection services will occur later than usual.

ODS is working hard to minimise disruption and will constantly review its operations to ensure any delays are kept to a minimum.

Should more recycling and waste staff be required to isolate, ODS will enact contingency plans to ensure household recycling and waste collections are maintained. This may mean prioritising core household collection services, such as mixed recycling, food waste and general waste. Services such as garden waste and bin deliveries may be suspended. This is in line with the approach adopted by other councils across the country.

Maria Warner, Waste and Recycling Services Manager for ODS, said: “We will continue to operate at near normal operation for as long as we are able to do so and will protect essential collections. We will keep residents informed of any changes that may occur. Please leave your bin out and we will try to collect this as soon as we can.”