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ODS offers apprentice opportunities

ODS is growing fast and has big ambitions. Young people are its future; the next generation of talent and the source of new ideas.

Young people looking to start a great career and pick up recognised qualifications at the same time should think about an apprenticeship with ODS. ODS offers the chance to do a real job, gain workplace experience, continue learning and get a professional qualification as well as earn a wage at the same time. There are many different professional career paths available, from Electricians to Gardeners and Accountancy to ICT.

ODS is also about breaking down barriers and is actively looking to recruit women into trade roles to help drive the business forward with talent and new ideas.

ODS currently employs 12 apprentices in roles including Electricians, Horticulture Landscapers and Civil Engineering Technicians. An apprenticeship can take up to four years to complete and offers a fantastic start to a career. ODS’ apprentices are supported by mentors, line managers and assessors, and work alongside experienced colleagues who guide and support their development so they can become an important part of the team.

There will soon be opportunities on offer for new apprentices so keep an eye on the ODS website where these will be posted.

Councillor Mike Rowley, Cabinet Member for Citizen Focused Services, said:

 “An apprenticeship is a real job where you can earn a wage and work towards a recognised qualification whilst gaining valuable work experience you will need for your job and future career. ODS is committed to doing good in the community and offering job opportunities like this is a clear indication of that commitment."

“ODS’ apprenticeship programme sits well with the City Council’s wide-ranging aims to enable an inclusive economy that distributes wealth more equally across the city.”

Chris Harvey, Organisational Development Manager, ODS, said:

“ODS continues to have a successful history of apprenticeships. They are an excellent opportunity to not only grow our own talent but also to do good in the community by offering career development opportunities to local people. We are just developing our 2022 apprenticeship programme, linking with schools and other agencies to push our reach across more diverse groups, as well as looking to break down barriers by promoting women in trades.”

Harry Clent, ICT Service Delivery Analyst, ODS, said:

“Overall I am very happy with my experience in the apprenticeship programme at ODS. I was given vast opportunities to learn new skills, understand how a business operates and grow in confidence with full support of my colleagues. I believe the scheme has positively impacted my career and I’m excited to see how far I can progress.”

But it’s not just apprenticeships that ODS offers. The organisation is a large employer for local people in Oxford, offering posts that call on a wide range of skills. In fact around 90% of ODS’ work force lives in the city or Oxfordshire, making ODS a truly locally-focussed operation.

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