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ODS signs the Oxfordshire Inclusive Economy Partnership Charter to help the county become a fairer place to live and work

The county-wide OIEP Charter was created by the Oxfordshire Inclusive Economy Partnership, a group of over 100 organisations working together to share knowledge, expertise and resources to help create a more equal and sustainable Oxfordshire. The values of this group strongly align with ODS’s vision and values of ‘doing good’ for its workforce and the wider community, including creating workplaces where employees can grow and thrive, supporting the local and social economy, and improving recruitment, hiring, and opportunities into work.

On signing the Charter on behalf of ODS, Maria Warner, Social Value and Sustainability Lead, said: “Signing the OIEP Charter is one of the many ways that ODS strives to further increase the positive social impact it has on the community.

“By committing to this Charter, ODS is held to account for a number of ambitious pledges and activities that will make a significant difference to communities in Oxfordshire. ODS already makes a significant positive impact on the lives of thousands of people across the region every day, but through working with OIEP, we will strengthen our position even further to help make Oxfordshire a fairer and more inclusive place to live and work”.

Further information about the OIEP Charter can be found on the Future Oxfordshire Partnership website.