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Oxford City Council to reopen Oxpens car park

Oxford City Council will reopen Oxpens car park from Monday 15 August.

The City Council temporarily closed the car park on 16 May so that the disused car park decking could be dismantled and removed.

The work to reopen the site, which included resurfacing the site and reinstalling lighting columns, has been carried out by ODS. The work is ahead of schedule, with the site originally due to reopen on 19 August.

The car park, which has 178 parking spaces, has also gone cashless. Drivers will be able to use cards or mobile phones (via RingGo) to pay for parking.

Parking will then remain available at the site until it is permanently closed as part of the Oxpens redevelopment.

Going cashless

Oxford City Council is trialling cashless payments across its car parks. Gloucester Green and Worcester Street car parks moved to cashless earlier this year.

Most car park users have already ceased paying by cash in favour of the other methods.

The Council will install new signage at the reopened Oxpens car park to make sure users are aware of the change. 

For more information on the Council’s plans for going cashless, visit the ‘going cashless’ webpage.

The change to cashless payments will not affect car parks run by other operators, including Westgate Oxford or Oxfordshire County Council’s on-street parking places.

Councillor Louise Upton, Cabinet Member for Health and Transport, said:

“We’ve been trialling cashless payments at two of our car parks throughout this year and the transition has gone smoothly for most users. The car parks are joining the many areas where cashless payment is the norm – in shops, in pubs, or when using council services."

“Most car park users in Oxford have been using cashless payment methods for a long time. And for the Council, this represents a way to reduce the administrative cost of operating our car parks at a time when our finances are stretched."

For information about parking in Oxford, visit the ‘Parking in Oxford’ webpage.