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The Big Recycling Hunt hits Oxford

Oxford residents will be able to take part in a treasure hunt as part of this year’s Recycle Week – and find out what goes in each bin in Oxford. 

Recycle Week, which takes place between 16-22 October, is an annual event aimed at encouraging people to recycle more. 

This year – the 20th anniversary of Recycle Week – will focus on “missed capture”, which are the items that can be recycled but are often not. 

As part of Recycle Week, Oxfordshire Recycles and ODS Oxford Recycles are running a treasure hunt – called “The Big Recycling Hunt” – at all 44 Oxfordshire County Council libraries. 

Children (or adults) can read the eight facts about all the items we can recycle, and a picture of each item will be available to hunt for in the children’s area.  

On each picture will be a word, which will spell out a hidden message. 

The treasure hunt will run from 16 to 29 October. 

Oxford has an extensive household recycling system, and most items can be recycled in the blue bin. You can find information on what goes in each bin on the City Council’s website. 

Below is a list of the items that can be recycled in Oxford but are often missed, and where they can be recycled:  

Textiles – can be recycled at charity shops, online second-hand vendors, in-store retail schemes or Redbridge Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC). If you’re unsure about whether you can donate certain items, please contact your chosen charity shop before visiting 

Electronics – can be recycled at kerbside and Redbridge HWRC 

For more information on what can be recycled at the HWRC, visit Oxfordshire County Council’s website. 

Councilor Nigel Chapman, Cabinet Member for Citizen Focused Services and Council Companies, said: “During this year’s Recycle Week, why not take part in The Big Recycling Hunt with your family, and try recycling another household item. 

“Every item we produce and use impacts on our climate, so the more items we recycle correctly, the more we can reduce the impact.”