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Commercial waste services

For Oxford and the surrounding areas.

From wheelie bins, bags and boxes, to skips, RoRos and compactors - whatever your business waste requirements are, ODS is equipped to collect mixed recycling, general waste, and food waste, with its wide array of purpose-made receptacles.

of your waste can be recycled!
7+ million
bins are collected annually by ODS.

Total waste solutions for businesses of all sizes

Whatever the size of your business, or what you need to be disposed of or recycled, ODS is here to help. Simply get in touch with our Customer Services team to discuss your requirements.

We offer numerous different options that you can use to dispose of your business's waste - from 240 to 1100-litre bins, to collection sacks and boxes for businesses with limited storage. 

Your general waste will go to an Oxfordshire Energy Recovery Facility (ERF) to be converted into heat energy that will then be fed into the National Grid to power local homes - instead of being disposed of at a landfill site.

Front End Loader service

For organisations with the space and access to accommodate them, the use of Front End Loaders (FELs) can provide significant advantages.

Firstly, the capacity of the bin is much larger, meaning that fewer pick-ups are required than with a traditional, wheeled 1100-litre unit. A reduced number of pick-ups can mean a reduction in waste costs for you, as well as a significant carbon saving due to fewer trips to and from the site.

The flip-up lid and wider mouth of the Front End Loader mean that an array of items can be disposed of, including larger waste that might not fit into a conventional bin. The steel construction makes it safer for disposing of heavy or larger materials, and the bin can be repositioned using a forklift truck if it temporarily needs to be relocated.

Front End Loader bins are not appropriate for all of our customers. Suitable access for the waste vehicle is required, along with enough overhead space for the unit to be emptied. Our Customer Services team will be pleased to discuss your requirements and the suitability of FEL bins for your premises.

Front End Loader Suitability Calculator

Find out if our FEL service is suitable for your business.

Ad-hoc bulky waste clearance and collections

From time to time, your business may require one-off disposal of bulky or oversized items. Perhaps you’re moving premises and need to get rid of redundant office furniture, or you want to replace a faulty fridge from the staff canteen.

ODS provides a fully licensed collection service that’s cost-effective and easy to organise. We will manage the waste responsibly, ensuring that items are disposed of correctly and recycled whenever possible.

We offer several legally compliant waste collection services to help businesses and organisations remove large, unwanted, or bulky items, junk, and excess waste responsibly. Whilst we cannot collect items from inside a property, we can carry out pick-ups when items are outside and ready for collection.

If you have a business that creates a large amount of recycling or waste material, you may consider using a compactor. The waste or recycling is crushed or baled to improve space utilisation and payload efficiencies which will reduce the number of collections, thereby reducing your costs. ODS can supply balers or compactors as part of our waste solution for your business.

Versatile business waste collection services across Oxfordshire.

Safety and quality

All of our waste containers are designed with safety and quality at the forefront.

Some models have lockable lids, and our four-wheeled containers have brakes. To prevent vermin access, our 200-litre food waste containers have rounded bottoms and do not touch the floor.

Our wide range of solutions

For businesses that generate substantial levels of recycling or general waste, ODS can provide compactors, skips, and Roll-on Roll-off carriers (RoRos) in a wide range of sizes and configurations.

Open skips are highly versatile and can accommodate different waste streams - from recyclable materials, general waste, heavy or bulky items, and certain materials from construction and demolition projects. RoRos, meanwhile, are often used in manufacturing and construction industries where a high volume of waste produced is.

Fully compliant for your peace of mind

ODS commercial waste works within Section 46 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and Controlled Waste Regulations 1992, providing you and your business with peace of mind.

As a chosen business waste carrier, we will also inform you of any changes in legislation to ensure your legal compliance.

Speak with the ODS Customer Services team for more information about which of our waste management services are most suitable for your business.

Free business waste audit

If you're unsure which service you require, our expert team can advise you about which container and service would suit your requirements through our free ODS business waste audit. Simply click the link and complete the enquiry form.