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Tachograph testing

Whether you are a sole operator with a single vehicle, or a company with a fleet, ODS can assist you with tachograph testing.

A tachograph is a device fitted into a commercial vehicle to measure speed and distance and automatically record it. There are two types of tachograph - analogue and digital - and in accordance with the law, all vehicles registered on or after May 1, 2006 must have a digital tachograph fitted.

Our tachograph testing service

Our facility is an officially Approved Tachograph Centre, so you can have every faith in our technicians to carry out a professional and expert job.  We are VOSA approved, and one of Oxford’s leading centres for analogue tachographs and digital tachographs, for all makes of vehicles.

Our experienced technicians can carry out anything from a full standard calibration, to a routine service and essential repairs, so that your device remains compliant at all times.

If you have a tachograph, certain aspects of its performance will be subject to a statutory annual test in accordance with VOSA. Furthermore, nationwide roadside tests conducted by VOSA and the police also take place. For this reason, we recommend keeping a firm eye on your tachograph to ensure it’s in excellent working condition at all times. For standard maintenance, we recommend an appointment every two years.

In cases where minor repairs needed, we can carry these out in our depot. If a replacement is called for, our technicians can safely fit, seal and calibrate a new tachograph.

Analogue tachographs

  • must be calibrated and sealed by an approved vehicle manufacturer or calibration centre

  • checked every two years

  • recalibrated every six years.

Digital tachographs

  • must be calibrated every two years

  • must be calibrated after any repair

  • must be calibrated if the vehicle registration number changes

  • must be calibrated if UTC is out by more than 20 minutes

  • must be calibrated after an alteration to the circumference of the tyres or characteristic coefficient.

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